As the largest higher education and research center in Western Romania, West University of Timisoara (WUT) has 11 faculties and a Teacher Training Department, 85 study programmes at Bachelor Level, 120 study programmes at Master level, and 19 Doctoral Schools. Out of these, over 20 Bachelor, Master and PhD study programmes are offered completely in English, French or German.

The Faculty of Law of the West University of Timișoara is one of the six most important law faculties in Romania, with a tradition of over 25 years at the top of national legal academia. Since its early days, the Faculty of Law of the WUT has been committed to excellence in teaching and research, with a particular focus on international cooperation and on keeping in step with technological and professional developments in the field of law. The academic staff of the Faculty of Law has been involved in numerous national and international projects focused both on research, as well as on improving the quality of legal education within the institution (POSDRU, POCA, Erasmus+).

ISQe is a Digital Learning Experience pioneer in Portugal. It has successfully implemented hundreds of projects and trained more than 1,000,000 learners in 11 countries, since 1996. 

ISQe specializes in the development of interactive media resources and the provision of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Its main mission is to support companies by strengthening and updating the skills of their workforce. With creativity, innovation, and flexibility as values, combined with a strong set of internal skills in the technological, technical and pedagogical areas, the services provided by ISQe are characterized by the quality and creativity of the learning and management solutions and the development of products tailored to the needs and contexts of customers.



YET (Youth | Entrepreneurship | Education | Technology) is a registered NGO based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It aims to support young and future entrepreneurs, foster innovation, entrepreneurship and bring positive and impactful change for Greece, South Easter Europe and the EU.

YET firmly aims to help its dynamic audience (college students, young professionals, start-ups, future and current entrepreneurs) to improve their managerial, networking and leadership skills. To achieve this, YET has organized throughout the years of its activities a series of informative and training seminars,  workshops, open events, conferences, with a variety of guest speakers and hundreds of participants. 

YET is also a proud Member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

Timisoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture Association (ATCEC) was founded in 2011 by 63 founding representatives of the public and independent cultural environment, and academics, journalists, business representatives, opinion leaders or citizens. The association is a non-patrimonial, non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical and independent organisation with a cultural and educational character.

Since its founding, the Association has aimed to prepare the application file of the city for receiving the title of European Capital of Culture. After winning the competition, Timisoara was designated European Capital of Culture for 2021 and the preparation of the cultural programme for 2021, event planning, ensuring coordination and implementation of measures necessary for their development, and raising funds for the organization, promotion and implementation programme became the main purpose of the Association.

HELIXCONNECT EUROPE emerged in 2020 as a need for a better hands-on approach to facilitating innovation, helping organisations grow and enabling a proper integration among innovators, NGOs, industry and government. Our vision is to link Romania, Eastern Europe and Western Balkans with the global innovation systems and enable national knowledge and technology transfer. With the up-rise of modern technologies and organisational performance frameworks, massive shifts and business model innovations are required in order to transform organisations to stay competitive while ensuring that they reach their intended impact in a fair and responsible manner. As such, HELIXCONNECT EUROPE works under an international advisory board composed of leading influencers from industry, innovation and policy making sectors in order to devise tailored and applied solutions for organisations

Novi Sad will hold the title of European Capital of Culture in 2022

Novi Sad is among the first cities outside the European Union to be declared the European Capital of Culture and thus became one of the 60 cities that took this title, fostering the richness of diversity and interculturalism.

The main idea of the ‘4 New Bridges’ programme narrative aims to leave Novi Sad firm legacies that improve the cultural life of the city: new programmes, new processes, involved people (citizens, cultural institutions, associations, organisations, artists) and new spaces for culture. That is exactly why the vision of the project is: ‘The Beginning of New. Now!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme, Project 2021-1-RO01-KA220-YOU-000028558 

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